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Kevin Lamont Carter

In honor of Kevin Lamont Carter

My story is about my nephew Kevin Lamont Carter, from Sicklerville, New Jersey, who was killed on October 23, 2019. He was the youngest of three. His death happened in his home, and he was not the intended target!

He came home to a robbery in progress, with four men — one with a gun. Because he didn’t lie down, they shot him six times, and he passed away! He was a great, loving and caring person who had a smile that would light up any room. He took care of everyone in need! He and my sister, his mother Crystal, had a bond like no other; he always made sure she was happy and cared for!

Kevin not being with us has left my sister and family devastated! What they took from us… we will never understand why. Kevin is missed dearly and will never be forgotten! Gun violence has to end.

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