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Kimberley Gatbunton

In memory of Joshua Thomas Carter

Joshua loved to run, and it came easily to him: He broke the mile record at his elementary school in the third grade, and this seemed to set the tone for his “running career.” He was known for cheering on his own teammates and friends: When a classmate was struggling during the timed mile in P.E., Josh re-ran the mile alongside his friend to encourage him and be sure he finished. Josh attended Saint Martin’s University, in Lacey, Washington, on an academic and athletic scholarship: This is where he broke the school record in the 4×400 meter relay.

Josh was staying at a friend’s apartment in September 2008, when he answered a knock at the door one evening. Gunmen forced their way into the apartment in an attempted robbery, shooting Josh and his friend. His friend survived; several hours after the horrific shootings, Joshua was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Many years after Josh’s death, his name can still be found on the track record board at Saint Martin’s University. These shoelaces were worn by Josh during track and cross-country competitions. We need to honor and remember those taken and affected by gun violence, so they will not be just another statistic.

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