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Kiyounnie's Mom...Wilma

In memory of Kiyounnie Duran Jackson

Kiyounnie was a gentle soul, most times quiet and at other times making crazy faces to get a laugh. He was a joy to be around, and he was very compassionate. He wanted nothing else but to take care of his friends.

Thanksgiving 2017 was a very special Thanksgiving for my family. We always got together and shared the holiday, but this particular Thanksgiving, KiKi and his girlfriend, Kaliana, came, and they stayed almost the whole time we were there. We were ecstatic that he was there for such a long time.

Three days later, that Monday, the 27th, Ki did not come straight home from work. After it started to get dark, I still hadn’t heard from him, so I called Kali, and she told me she hadn’t seen him all that day, and that she had worked an earlier shift. About an hour later, my daughter called, saying someone had called her and told her something had happened to Ki. My heart stopped … but we did not know where to go to look for him. Someone called and said his car was in Pine View Hills.

After calling Bri and giving her this new info, I waited until she was able to get back to the house. We started to Pine View Hills together, all the time praying. When we reached the neighborhood, there were police everywhere … and there was Kiyounnie’s little raggedy Mercury parked in front of a house with the driver’s door still open.

A young girl had lured him to this place where two other vile people were waiting to rob him inside this vacant house. They shot him in the back of the head, killing him, and left him in that cold, damp, empty house.

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