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Krishaun L Muldrow

Strayer University

On April 13, 2021, I got off work and got a ride to the store to go get a few things, so that I could go finish unpacking my new home that I had just moved into two weeks previously. I never made it home that night because, while pulling out of the store parking lot, someone shot into the car I was in, and I was hit 9 to 11 times.

I thank God that I’m still alive, but daily I deal with the fact that my life was almost snatched away from my only child the year before he graduates high school.

Waking up in the hospital alone, not having my mother to comfort me and not having anyone to look after my son if I wouldn’t have made it. All goes out daily. I’ve been off work since that day, but my job will not pay me. I hadn’t been there long enough when it happened, so I don’t qualify for FMLA. Because the healthcare system has failed, I also can’t get short-term or long-term disability. I’m unable to work, so now everything I’ve worked for I’m losing. This is not right.

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