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Krista Gwynn

In memory of CHRISTIAN GWYNN 2x game changer

My son was 19 only 21 days when he was gunned down by a drive-by shooter down the street from our home. Christian was walking with a friend home from a fast-food restaurant only three blocks away when a car turned the corner and shot at them, hitting my son and killing him. This was at 9:20 p.m. He had a 10:00 p.m. curfew.

My son was a high school graduate. He had a full-time job. He respected his parents. He would have given you the shirt off his back and had done that. My son wanted to live off grid; he was working to save up to move to Alaska and be free. He had no children because he believed in working to make a life for yourself so that you can then support children.

It took the police 16 months before they arrested someone in the murder of my son. My husband and I don’t understand how we outlived our child. My daughter, Victoria Gwynn, was shot at a park in 2021. She survived her wounds; her friend did not. They were sitting at the park, enjoying a sunny day. Over 300 rounds.

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