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I am a hospice MSW, often responding to late night calls for support. Late on June 12, 2020, I was called out. Returning home, I came across my aggressor, and he made the decision to alter my life forever. That day, I became the victim of attempted murder via gun violence, causing me great psychological distress. Due to my new diagnoses of PTSD/panic disorder, I was placed on a seven-month leave from work.

One of the hardest results of his actions was his creation of an invisible injury. I constantly advocate for myself because no one can see the injury he caused me. I’ve lost much — wages, health and the ability to do the job I love. For a while I felt like I lost myself. I pride myself on being a joy to others — after June 12, I temporarily lost my spark.

While I’ve gained some of my power back, my life will forever be altered. His disregard for my life continues to affect my daily thinking. This man faces a sentence of 12 years; my sentence will be lifelong. It is my hope that both of us can learn from this experience to create a safer world.

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