Join us on June 7-9th for Wear Orange, as we unite in our call to end gun violence and honor the more than 120 people who are shot and killed, and hundreds more who are wounded and traumatized, every day in our country. Read some of the stories of those affected by gun violence below.

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Kyle Martinez

In memory of Kyle Martinez

My son was a bright, very smart and intelligent boy. He was very mature for his age. He loved his car and washed it on the daily. He loved hanging out with friends and playing his Playstation. His little cousins loved him, as he always was out there, throwing the ball or jumping on the trampoline with them. Everyone always waited for him to get to family functions, as he was the life of the party. I knew I never had to worry about him: He had big dreams and would make something of himself. He worked hard with his dad on weekends to get a downpayment for his second Mustang.

Little did we know, two weeks after he got his prized possession, he would be shot and killed in his 2006 Ford Mustang GT. I was told he was trying to get away from a car that came up on him and almost hit him a couple times. Unfortunately, my son got the red light and stopped. This silver Audi with two guys drove up on the median and shot at them. They took my son’s life on April 22, 2020. Life will never be the same.

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