October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Read and share stories to honor survivors whose lives have been changed by domestic violence.

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LaDonna Lane

In memory of Brandon McGhee

Brandon McGhee was my only child, 23 years old, living his life as a young adult. On June 20, 2020, my Brandon’s life was taken by gun violence. He was walking back to his car with his friend. Three guys approached him and started a fight with him, and one of the guys pulled out a gun and shot him in the neck. He died instantly. A piece of me died on this day.

On that day, my life changed forever! My world was taken from me. This was my biggest fear ā€” my son being shot ā€” and they took him away from me. I will never be the same.

Brandon was a caring, loving; he loved life, his family and friends. He would stop what he was doing to help out anyone. Everyone talked about his smile and his big heart. He loved kids. His cousin Amari: he was at the hospital when he was born. And his god daughter, Melody: He loved her! He would send me pictures of her all the time.

My life changed. Iā€™m broken for life!

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