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Laura Slinsky

In memory of Shane Slinsky

On August 27, 2016, my son, my only child, Shane, was found on Wood Terrace at 4:27 p.m., choking on his own blood after taking two fatal gunshots. One to the back of his head, one to his face, by a .32 revolver. The serial numbers had been removed.

In the hours leading up to his death, Shane was with his girlfriend as they prepared for her 18th birthday party. X (Shane’s best friend since 2012) showed up to the party site. Shane and X went outside of the entrance (there is footage to verify this). They then returned inside. Shane went to inform his girlfriend that he and his best friend were going for a ride and would return within the hour. There is video surveillance video of Shane entering the back seat of a car.

Shane never returned to Stamford, but the other three did — full of lies. (I don’t want to go into many details, as it’s an ongoing investigation.) Nothing is going to bring my boy back to me. No parent should have to bury a child or endure this pain, but having his killers walk free is not something I will accept. Shane’s forever 18.

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