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Lauren Nance

In memory of Benjamin Edwin Dewillis

He is a grandson, son, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle, father, grandfather, friend, husband.

He is caring, the tall man that wraps his arms around his mother and Nana.

He is funny—so funny that I still remember having sore cheeks when my Nana dropped me off from our weekends together.

He is protective, the father of three daughters who need him and deserve him everyday.

He is brave, the courage that his two younger brothers have only been able to experience for a portion of their young lives.

We remember you as these qualities everyday. You are not a victim of senseless violence to us. You are more than a folder in someone’s drawer to us. Although it was cut short, your life matters to us, still, everyday. I’m unsure if it hurts worse that after 20 years, your murder has remained unsolved, and that it’s been unspoken of by law enforcement for at least 15 years. But I do know that it’s not right and means to me that they don’t care.

The chain is broken, but we heal everyday. We are grateful for the time we have had with you, but we miss and love you every moment we are without you.

Benjamin Edwin DeWillis, we love you and remember you … I miss you everyday, Cuz.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.