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LaVonda Hill

In memory of Robin Hill Graham

In the early morning hours of August 29, 1992, the lives of everyone in my family were dramatically changed. My beautiful, precious daughter was shot in her head by her husband, killing her instantly. It has been 29 years since that night, but our brokenness is still being felt.

Our family dynamics changed forever. The children were forever marked by the pain it brought. My husband had a breakdown that he never recovered from. The life his breakdown brought onto our family changed all of us forever. The children are now grown with their own children, but the events of that night marked them and remain with them.

Gun violence doesn’t end with a single shot. My child was taken from her family where she was loved, cherished and valued. So tragic, and it was so unnecessary! It was his (her husband’s) choice to one, drink, and two, to take Vicodin, both of which he was addicted to!

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