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In memory of Jonathan Luttmer
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I never thought I’d have to plan and organize a funeral for a sibling. But, that’s just what I did in April 2022. On April 9, 2022, my 19-year-old little brother Jonathan took his own life with a gun.

I’m 16 years older than Jonathan. I loved him instantly, the first time I set eyes on him. I love being his big sister. We lived in different states, but I loved watching him grow, visiting every chance I could. Jonathan suffered from severe depression since his early teens. It was hard watching from a distance. Jonathan was talented in so many ways. He loved working with his hands. He made some amazing metal sculptures. He also drew an amazing self portrait of himself that also looked like a dragon. Talented he was!

He loved video games, dragons, Korean drinks, peanut butter and the color red. The day he took his life was on his mother’s birthday. The family had made plans to go out to lunch. However, April 9 was his last day on earth. He took his life early in the morning while the rest of the family slept; the gunshot wasn’t heard.

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