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Leslie Anne washington

In memory of Keith O'Neill Inge

This week marks National Gun Violence Survivors Week. Countless people are sharing their stories and fighting for real action to end gun violence. And although I will never get back nine years I lost in my abusive relationship, or more memories of sitting at Grandma’s house for hours with my cousin, I will fight for common sense gun safety laws that can prevent other families from experiencing the same pain as mine and other survivors’. I will continue to do everything in my power to end gun violence. In 2015, I watched alongside my family as the police could not solve the murder of my cousin Keith, who was shot and killed. And in 1984, I cried when another cousin, Reginald, died by gun suicide. Our family still doesn’t have closure from their deaths. Gun violence needs to stop. It can be stopped. This is why I joined the Missouri chapter of Moms Demand Action — to fight gun violence of all types. Gun violence tears apart families everywhere. Gun violence is not just in Baltimore or New York or St. Louis. It is in rural parts of the country as well. Gun violence and domestic violence go together.

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