total hearts received for Moments That Survive

Li' Shey Johnson

Route 91 Strong

Living as a survivor has taught me that no one knows your story unless you share it. Your story is your story, and you matter. I kept saying “Why Me? Why Me?” Then I started saying “Why Not Me?” and I started telling my story.

I started sharing my story with anyone that would listen. As a survivor, you get in-tune and you really know who’s listening or not. As a survivor, we want you to say what happened to you. This means that you open the door for us to share our story and we matter to you. Most people have seen my injuries, they’re visible. What about the scars that are not?!

I made 58 Orange Rocks for the Las Vegas Massive Shooting Angels; I needed more rocks, I wanted to make a rock for each survivor that attended NO GUN Violence day on June 2. I wanted to hand them a rock to let them know that I am here to listen to your story. You matter to me.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.