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A gun-related event when I was 22 completely changed my perspective on personal safety, and importantly, on how police treat victims of crime.

On my way home (NYC) one evening, a man walked into my apartment building behind me, rode up the elevator with me, and then suddenly came up behind me, held a gun to my temple and forced me into a vacant apartment down the hall. I was raped. And left, mostly undressed, in a closet.

Once I made my way home, I called the police. Two men (no female cops) interrogated me. Questioned me about what I was wearing: Did I undress in front of the window? Other stupid and blaming questions. One asked me what the gun looked like by whipping out his gun(!). Finally they suggested that the guy was probably just a robber, the rape was “just” a spur-of-the-moment thing and they would probably never catch him. They never even tried!

As a result, I will ALWAYS believe the victims. And I have limitless respect and compassion for survivors.

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