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Lily Torres

In memory of Kayshla Michelle Torres

On May 29, 2019, my daughter Kayshla Torres went to pick up a friend at a gas station in Orlando, Florida, when an argument between her friend and a person on a bike ensued. She got out the car to stop it from escalating. She got back into her car and drove off, then realized she may have left her phone and went back. She was kind of circling the gas station where the argument began when shots were fired into the car, hitting her in the neck, causing her to land almost on a house. She was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where later she was pronounced dead on June 1, 2019. She leaves behind two babies, now 6 and 4.

This has been the worst ordeal for me. I miss my daughter so much. She lit a room with her contagious smile. Always on point to help anyone in need. Not to mention all the questions her daughter has and the desire to see her mommy. This murder has not been solved; another innocent life taken.

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