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My family and I were enjoying a lovely evening in our new home when we heard a sudden crackle of fireworks out our front window. It was immediately followed by a bunch of popping sounds. My husband said, “Get down.”

We all dropped to the floor in the kitchen and behind the hallway wall.

My husband said, “That is an AK-47.”

After the popping sounds ended, we opened our window to see a black car parked across the street completely shot up and our neighbors examining their home for bullet holes. We checked in on them to see if anyone had been hit. No one was harmed, but everyone was terrified. We asked around the neighborhood to find out if this had ever happened before. It hadn’t. It was terrifying. We tried to settled down when almost exactly two hours later, the gunman came back.

We all got down on the floor again, and when the popping sounds stopped, I glanced out the window. I saw a dark motorcycle with a rider wearing a helmet and a dark four-door sedan behind it, speeding off.

It has traumatized us and made us feel unsafe everyday.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.