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On July 3, 2022, I was leaving a friend’s house and approached a stoplight before entering the highway. I dropped my phone and accidentally bumped into the back of the car ahead of me. I immediately got out of my car to make sure the person in the vehicle was OK. As I was approaching the front of my car and the back of the car ahead of me, I heard several loud bangs. I didn’t think anything of it because it was the Fourth of July weekend.

I heard more loud noises. This time my leg started to feel weak. I touched my leg and quickly realized that I had been shot! I tried to walk back to my vehicle only to pass out by the side of my open door. I heard someone in the car behind me say “someone call the police. She has been shot!” I can recall being in the ambulance and telling the EMT that I was fine and I wanted to go home. I kept passing out. I was rushed to the hospital for my family to find out that I had been shot 14 times. I am still recovering!

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.