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Louise Bell

In honor of Orlandas Gay

I look back over the three years that God took Rock, but he got killed due to gun violence on May 10, 2016. But I love everybody. I am just not pleased on their actions. I thank God for being in control of my life. Thank you God and everyone for praying for me and keeping me motivated, because now I obtained two degrees in business administration. Also, I am a small business owner preparing personal and business taxes through the Internal Revenue Service. I joined several survivors organizations. For example, Saving our Sons, Sharon Loving Project, The Villages of Mothers, Healing on Both Sides, and I hold a title that I’m officially a Survivor Outreach leader through Chattanooga, Tennessee, Moms Demand Action.

I still have heartaches and pain about losing my son. I am almost through drafting my book about losing my son. The memories of me, my daughter, his kids, his wife, our family and friends shared among each other would last a lifetime. He was 26 and a half years old when he got murdered. About three weeks from being his 27th birthday. I couldn’t believe my son was deceased after three weeks after we laid him to rest. I will never forgot our memories that we had together. Every year we celebrate his memorial day, and I invite everyone to come out and join us. For example, Mayor Andy Berke, safety coordinator Troy Rogers and Channel9 News too. This year several members from Chattanooga Moms Demand Action were there to help us honor him. Also, I always give him a beautiful birthday party, so everyone can come out and help us celebrate his memories that everyone shares with him. He loved to cook, grill. He left behind five children. Shamarria, Delayiah, Desmond, Isaiah and Key’mon. This tragedy has changed my life forever.

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