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Luc-John was a dynamic, gifted and talented young man who had everything: girlfriends, a beautiful home, a BMW, a phenomenal six-figure job, and quite an athletic, well-toned, handsome body.

No one asked his mamma if he should have a legal weapon.

Why? He lived five minutes from the local police department. Luc lived in a safe neighborhood. Luc had a very safe job. Luc was not a hunter nor was he a recreational shooter.

No one asked his mamma if he should possess a legal weapon.

Her answer would have been an unequivocal “No!”

Luc was different. He masked his sensitivities. Over-accomplished, he must have suffered terribly within, as he always had dreams of achieving so much. Nonetheless, guns were a very big part of his local environment. His town had two shooting ranges.

Luc was a macho young man. He kept his secrets to himself. He loved his mother and would often take her out to dinner. However, he never confided anything to her.

Luc just broke up with his girlfriend. His sister just had a baby.
After family feuding, Luc killed himself. Listen to my story.

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