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In honor of Natalian Ringo

On August 29, 2019, two homicide detectives appeared at my door very early to inform me that a young male was found in his car with a fatal gunshot. They informed me of his name, and I immediately went into a form of panic and shock that, to this day, I am unable to describe as a mother. My youngest son was only 23 years old at the time of his murder in Highland Park, Michigan, located right next to Detroit.

I never thought or could imagine this type of pain for myself, although I had worked for decades with many other families while being a community leader and organizer on anti–gun violence initiatives. I, along with so many others, were relentlessly working to combat gun violence in our community.

I never fully knew the enormous impact — how much it practically destroys families — after a loss of this magnitude occurs from this senseless gun violence crisis we have in America. Lastly, it has been over four years, and my case has not been solved. I’ve since left Michigan (although I’m still fighting for justice) for my beloved son Natalian “Luke” Ringo.

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