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Maddie Finch

In memory of Maddie Finch

Our 19-year-old daughter was killed in the first hours of New Year’s Eve 2018. She had a party at our home with was what supposed to be “just close friends.” I should’ve known with Maddie that her close friends numbered over 50. She was voted Life of the Party by her graduating class. She loved her friends. She loved shelter dogs, especially her adopted pit, Fynn. She loved all animals and had such a weak spot for anything underdog. She was fiercely loyal and would stand her ground without fear. She was so smart and was attending college but home for Christmas break. That Christmas was the last we would ever spend with our sweet fun-loving girl. She loved her family, her town and being a country girl. We miss her every minute.

Her killer was not invited, came in and started a fight with her friends. They demanded that he leave, and he took out a stolen .22 and shot her, in front of people who loved her, in the back of the head. He killed a little piece of our entire community that night. We try to forget the way she was tragically murdered and instead focus on how many lives she changed with her acts of kindness. #maddiesraok

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