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In honor of Keegan Southside Community Coalition

One day, my son, his father, and his significant other were going to the park to grill out and have a picnic. What they thought would be a normal day turned in to an absolute nightmare. There was a man who suffered from schizophrenia, and he approached them while at the park. This same man was holding an axe and had a gun. This was not apparent until they were attacked.

The man tried to shoot my son three times, and the gun jammed. The three of them received blunt force trauma to the head caused by the axe. They all have traumatic brain injuries. Keegan received a large fracture to the top of his skull; if the axe would have gone ANY closer, we would have lost him. All three of them have trauma, our entire family is traumatized, and the officers who were there had to seek therapy. This was honestly my worst nightmare as a mother, and it came true. My son struggled to recover and still struggles daily because of what happened. If this story can help anyone, I hope it helps prevent future gun violence.

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