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Makayla Barlow

In honor of Makayla Barlow

On July 10, 2021, Makayla had just passed her driver’s test to get her license. She had to work that day and was excited to drive there on her own. Unfortunately, on her way to her second job, she was shot in the the right side of her head in a crossfire. She received emergency life-saving brain surgery. Makayla was in the hospital for two months, where she had to learn to talk, walk and even eat again. She is still involved in physical, speech and occupational therapies, on top of other appointments with neurologists, psychologists, etc.

This created a major turn in her life and the lives of everyone who was involved. She is definitely a miracle, but there is a long road to go. Just recently she returned to school to complete her senior year. We just got the news that she is on track for graduation with her class, which is amazing.

This journey is a difficult one, but platforms such as this offer the support that we need to push forward!

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