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Malcolm C. Jefferson II (LJ)

Malcolm C. Jefferson II, affectionately called “LJ,” was born October 8, 1995. He was murdered October 8, 2013. It was his 18th birthday. It was the day my life and so many others’ lives took a drastic change from the life we once knew.

Malcolm was my only son. He was my baby. God blessed me with two beautiful children. His sister Sandree’ was my oldest child. They had an older sister, Brittany, who has also passed away a few years after LJ from breast cancer. My son left home with some friends the evening of October 7. At 12:05 a.m., I received a phone call telling me my son had been shot. I literally lost my mind at that very moment.

His father and I managed to make it to the hospital. We sat there waiting on an update on my son’s condition. A gentleman walked in the waiting room and asked for the family of Malcolm Jefferson. I told him I was his mother; he started asking me questions about his full name, address, etc. He then asked his birth date. I looked at him when I realized it was after 12 a.m. I said today is his birthday. He just turned 18.

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