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In honor of Ramond J. Pantoja

In honor of one amazing person who was taken from our family.

Ramond J. Pantoja was such a caring person. He put his friends and family before himself. I remember RJ, as we called him, always asking me, Auntie, you OK? Do you need anything? I would say, I’m OK. He would say, “Are you sure? Then give me a great big hug with a kiss.”

RJ was very respectful, and he loved everyone. He love the holidays, just to be with family and eat and joke around with his cousins. RJ was the life of the party. He would make everyone laugh, even if you did not feel like laughing. He always found the way. He always said, “I love you, Titi,” before he left to go home. I would give him my blessing. I truly miss him and cherish him in my heart.

RJ was an inspiration to many with his music, his charm and his love. He left behind his family, who miss him. RJ will live in all our hearts. I truly pray that all the hate and violence will stop.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.