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Marion M. Jones

In honor of Thomas B. Holly II aka TJ

My son Thomas B. Holly III, known to many as TJ, was murdered on July 9, 2002, shot nine times with a TEC-9 by a man in Washington, D.C. The man was charged with first-degree murder, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence, and carrying a pistol without a license. He faced 30 years, if convicted. Instead, he was found not guilty on August 21, 2003. My family and I left the courtroom devastated and in tears. I was totally distraught.

While the mourning periods of my life are often marked with the painful emotions of denial, anger, shock and more, grief can actually help me on my journey to healing, acceptance and wholeness after a tragic event or loss in my life. Six years later, I lost another son, James.

I’m now very passionate about supporting those grieving by providing tools to educate, heal and find forgiveness while honoring deceased loved ones. This is my new normal.

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