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Marsha Wilson

In memory of Sherman

A total nightmare for me and my family! As I begin to replay Saturday afternoon, September 20, 2014, changed my life forever. I received a call telling me my son Sherman, affectionately known as Boo-Boo, had been shot in the eye. As I begin to listen to the background, hoping that it was a prank, I could hear him yelling “Mama please come, I am not going to make it, I am going to die!” What is a mom to do at that moment as I raced to my son…

Gun violence has made me aware that it is not a choice, they don’t pick and choose who lives and who dies. I have dedicated so much of my time talking to different families about how my life has changed due to a kid reckless with a gun. I have saw many facing death in families but never expected the tragedy to happen to me and my family.

I am reminded on birthdays and holidays that there is a puzzle piece missing, and I am distracted deeply, and I am beginning to understand that PAIN changes people. Living as a survivor, I am reminded of how hard I work with being Sherman’s voice to turn my pain into purpose because I am busy working to stop gun violence! I am a Mom that demands action. Stop shooting people!

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