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Marshell Y. Roper

In memory of Jennifer Geneva Grimes Moms Demand Action

My life was one full of complications before this all came to pass.

After struggling with drugs for a number of years and finally getting my life together for Jennifer, all came to a halt in August 2001. On the night of August 25/26 2001. I put the date as so because she was shot on the 25th and pronounced deceased on 26th.

The entire day was special; we were “finally” moving into a home on that Monday. I had been out on a boat trip, she on a church picnic. We made plans to meet up at the old house after I had packed. In the meantime she went out with her best friend and a male companion of the family to get burgers. She got home, went back out to retrieve the cell phone “she thought she had forgotten.” While walking back home, she and her two friends were stalked by individuals in a car.

A 15- and 17-year old shot into their space and murdered her, supposedly unintentionally.

They both received 25 to life and expect to come up for parole in two and a half years, with guaranteed deportation.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.