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Maxayn Gooden

In honor of Jah'Sun Ahmad Patton Jahworld18

Jah’Sun whose name means Jah (God) Sun (center of the earth), or “God is the center of all things,” was innocently killed on Thanksgiving break in 2017; he was visiting his sister on his dad’s side in Harrisburg. He was murdered by a relative of his sister’s boyfriend for no reason but pure jealousy, and that person was on parole when he killed my son.

He took away all that Jah could have been: Before my son’s untimely death, he was a Boys Latin senior and was set to graduate with a 3.5 GPA. He had just received a few college acceptance letters from East Stroudsburg and Penn State college, just to name a few.

Jah’Sun’s legacy has been kept alive by a four-page write-up in the Inquirer that made front page; his life was shared on a Netflix documentary called Worn Stories (the “Lost and Found” episode); and through a scholarship and mentoring program called Jahworld_18. Jah’Sun’s death will not be in vain. His light and legacy will continue to shine as long as I, his mother, have breath. I will continue to be a voice and fight for the youth in Philadelphia.

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