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Mayra L Alvear

In memory of Amanda Amanda's Angels Legacy of Love and BAWNFL.org

Losing my dearest, loving daughter, Amanda, to gun violence has totally changed our lives. The way we want to go through life is totally different — the perspectives, nothing is the same, you go through ups and downs, every day is a challenge, you can get in a hole if you let yourself go, very easily. I thank God everyday that He has given my family strength to get up and overcome this awful pain, by spreading love and not hate, giving hugs has being a part of my healing process, helping the community, fighting for common gun sense. Just because my daughter is gone doesn’t mean that I would let her go and die in vain; no, that’s my strength, what drives me to go live day by day for her and for others Pulse victims and try to save people’s lives from this epidemic of gun violence.

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