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Michele Davis

In memory of Pharrell Age 3

It was Christmas Eve 2008. I saw a post on Facebook that said RIP Pharrell. He was one of my nephews and my oldest daughter’s cousin. I was shocked. How could this be? He was only 3 years old. What could have happened to him?

This is what happened. Pharrell and his other siblings were excited about Christmas Eve. They couldn’t wait for Santa and to open presents. The holidays are always so much fun. However there was a dark cloud hanging over the family. His father had recently gotten out of jail and was trying to turn his life around, but he was being threatened by unknown individuals. For his protection was able to illegally secure a weapon, despite his record. That gun sat loaded in the living room while they all decided to play hide-and-seek in an attempt to tire the kids out to go to bed to wait for Santa. While looking for a place to hide, Pharrell came upon the unattended weapon, picked it up, and it went off, shooting himself in the face. The other siblings and his father ran to see what happened. In the 911 call, still on the Internet, you can hear the other children screaming and Pharrell’s father crying hysterically while the 911 operator tries in vain to give CPR instructions. It was too late. His despondent father was suicidal after the incident.

Pharrell would be 14 years old, had he not picked up that loaded unattended weapon. Every Christmas Eve since will always be difficult. Please honor Pharrell by locking up your weapons or storing ammunition in a separate location.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.