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Michelle Bell

In honor of Andre Brown M-PAC Cleveland

My son, Andre Brown, was killed February 10, 2019. Andre was very compassionate and had a big heart, often putting others first. He would give the last dollar in his pocket if someone needed it. He laughed often and was generally the person bringing laughter. Although we have many fond memories of his laughter and kindness, we are haunted by a near split-second event, a senseless act of gun violence that ended his life and changed our lives forever.

We’re living a new normal: A new normal challenged with grief and coupled with pain of uncertainty because Andre’s case remains unsolved. The challenges and difficulties associated with an unsolved murder loss seem insurmountable. The healing process seems never-ending. And although many months have passed, there are times when it seems like only minutes have passed. Grief hits like a ton of bricks, and for that moment, the impact of the trauma becomes primary. My heart is heavy from the overwhelming pain and emptiness from the loss of my son. No longer will I hear his laughter; no longer will I hear him greet me.

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