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In honor of Emily

My daughter Emily was shot by a neighbor on April 14, 2021. She will physically survive; mentally, our world has changed. Previously, on January 19, 2013, a drunk neighbor (we moved) shot our four-legged family member Danny in front of us. A three-day trial ended in felony animal cruelty, but this does not bring Danny back to us.

Now Emily is dealing with a leg injury, needing PT and physical therapy to help heal. Her PTSD is the next step.

Sadly, the sheriff’s office has not charged the father or son with the shooting. They did arrest them for charges that made the sheriff’s office help, eight counts of convicted felonies with weapons, drug distribution, stolen weapons…all felonies. Of course they are out on bond. Using my daughter’s shooting for a search warrant and arrests, but no arrests for shooting Emily—why??? No investigation looking for where Emily was shot. Her autistic brother watched her go down, screaming, “I have been shot!” Where is the justice?? Detective? Oh, I have been talking to the D.A., and that is going where?

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