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Millie Burgos

In honor of Alexandria Imani Burgos

My name is Milagros Burgos, I live in Chicago, Illinois. I’m a mother of two beautiful children. My only son, and my only daughter. What a blessing and joy your children give a parent. They are simply priceless gifts.

Until one day all that changed. My life was changed forever. On October 19, 2014, my 18-year-old daughter was killed picking up her younger brother. As she was in a kitchen, bullets came in from the outside a window and struck my precious daughter. Alexandria was killed instantly. Since then, life changed for all of us. As my son thought they were fireworks, never experienced hearing gunshots, he tragically experiences the worst day of his life. He held her not knowing what had happened. He held her for the last time. That horrific scene was something no one would of never want to go through in a billion years!!

Alexandria was a freshman in college. Her goals and dream was to become a social worker to help underprivileged children, and all children. Until someone that should not have had a gun, the person did not have any idea whose life they were going to end, or who that person was going to be.

Since then we all were forced to live a different way, to live with the absence of my loving daughter — her smile, her heart, her soul, gentle and kind. Alexandria’s family meant the world to her. We miss her laugh, baking, her silliness, EVERYTHING!! Since then we have been advocates, we have been her voice. We lobby in Washington D.C., we go to Springfield, Illinois, to stand for safer gun laws. Safer communities, to save our children, our families. Gun violence is an epidemic, it is not normal, and it should be taken seriously.

I will continue to do all I can to stop this madness of senseless gun violence, violence in general. I am Alexandria Imani’s voice, and all voices.

Missing Alexandria, her mommy, family, and friends. 🙁

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