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Millie Burgos

In honor of Alexandria Imani Burgos

Alexandria Imani was born March 16, 1996. A miracle baby. I was told I was unable to have children. They are both miracles. When her younger brother was born, she always wanted to hold and care for him. He was almost 10 pounds when he was born. That did not stop her from holding him. When I found out I was expecting, I did not want her to feel left out, so I would tell her that she was going to have a big role, to be a big sister. Well, she really held that role from the time her brother was born to the time of her untimely death, from gun violence.

Alexandria loved life, baking, the beach, basketball, holidays, family time. She was very humble. She would give her last dollar if she had to. Alexandria was a freshman in college. Her dream was to be a social worker, to help others. Her life was ended on October 19, 2014, by a stray bullet. She died instantly. That moment changed all our lives. As we live each day with her heartfelt absence, we take tragic to purpose, and help others.

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