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Millie Burgos

In memory of Alexandria Imani Burgos

Alexandria Imani Burgos was a miracle like her brother. I was told I was unable to have children. Alexandria was such a happy baby, child, young adult. She had a heart of gold, always willing and loved helping others. She enjoyed working with children. She enjoyed school. She always gave her best. She loved the beach, basketball, softball, movies and all the great things kids — youth — loved to do. People remember her by her genuine smile and soft-spoken voice. Her laugh made you laugh, and kindness warmed people’s hearts.

Alexandria was her brother’s best friend. Not just siblings, they supported and helped each other in many ways. She was that special, great, big sister. On October 19, 2014, she went to pick up her younger sibling at a girlfriend’s house. As she waited in a kitchen, shots from the outside came in through a window, and she was killed by stray bullets. It was a day we would never forget. It was a nightmare we wanted to wake up from. She was supposed to be safe in a home.

They took our only daughter, my son’s only sister — his best friend, niece, cousin. She did what society expected her to do, was who her parents expected her to be. Alexandria was loving, care- giving, kindhearted; her dream was to be a social worker, Tragically her goals and dreams ended when someone who shouldn’t have had a gun, when someone who did not even know who was going to be shot, killed this beautiful young girl. Alexandria was 18 years old — a freshman in college, with so much love to give and goals to accomplish. No one had the right to take her life or anyone’s life with gun violence. We as parents now help others; we are Alexandria’s voice. Our mission is to help stop gun violence, to take our struggles to strength. Love and support others, so another family does not live with the gap and absence we live with every day. We are Alexandria’s voice.

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