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Mirella Santana

In memory of Miguel Martínez JR

I lost my brother to a heartless shooter who decided that he would end my baby brother’s life on December 24, 2008 … My brother was shot point blank in the heart by an individual who had previous interactions with the Socorro, New Mexico, police department who had the day before received the call that the suspect had a gun and was shooting it in the air. The police came out and did nothing. This was an individual who had a previous criminal record, yet he was allowed to keep his gun. Was just told to stop shooting in the air. My brother was shot and killed at 4:23 p.m. on Christmas Eve. My brother didn’t survive the gunshot wound to his heart.

Our lives have forever been changed because of careless individuals with guns who out of rage decided they will shoot the first person that crosses their path. I lost my brother, my best friend. I share our story to bring an end to gun violence. Love you, Miguel Martínez Jr.

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