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Miriam Vincent

In memory of Avery Darnell Nowlin www.AveryNowlin.com/justice

On February 5, 2022, my grandson, Avery Nowlin, 22, was gunned down by a man who faced many criminal charges, one with a gun. The Gwinnett County police published the gunman’s version of the murder and charged my grandson with attempted carjacking; they later changed the charge to attempted assault, saying Avery had a weapon. No weapon was found.

Avery was my daughter India’s only child. He had no children and never married. He was a gentle soul who loved people and loved to help others. He taught himself the bass guitar, made jewelry using pinecones and wanted to be a voice actor. Many people from his place of work and family and friends gave rave compliments about him at his homegoing service.

We know we can never get Avery back. Our interest now is seeing the murderer charged and off the streets, so no other family feels this pain of loss that we are experiencing. Mainly, we want the truth and Avery’s name cleared.

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