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Monee Man

In memory of LaMonee D. Johnson-Chisholm

My grandson was killed on November 18, 2012, by a 15-year-old killer. LaMonee was on his way home with a friend when he was shot in the back by someone he knew. Monee began to run when he heard the shot; as he did, the bullet traveled through his body. Monee ran three blocks before he collapsed on the street and died.

He was a very polite, kind and well-loved young man. At his funeral, I remember the pastor asking, “Isn’t this a school day?” The church was full with students, friends, teachers, administrators and our family.

The young man was arrested on the day of my grandson’s funeral. Two lives came to an end. The young man stated, “I didn’t mean to kill him; I thought he would go to the hospital and then come home.”

LaMonee D. Johnson-Chisholm was only 13 years old. He was killed on my sister’s birthday. There is not a day that we don’t talk about him, his love for others and how much he is missed.
These senseless crimes must stop. How does a 15-year-old get a gun? When will this stop?

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