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Monica and Lamesha

In memory of Taymir Germany

Our loving son, Taymir Germany, was taken from us on October 29, 2016. Taymir is known as “Poodie” by his friends and family. Poodie was only 17 years young when he was gunned down in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania. He left home with people who claimed to be his friends and never returned.

Poodie was a thriving senior, preparing to graduate in 2017. He was an above-average basketball player who loved the beach. He had plans to be a marine biologist one day. Poodie left an entire community that adored his charm.

It is so important for us to spread the word about gun violence in our communities to help stop the pain that ripples through. We are still mourning our loss and we always will. We love you Taymir “Poodie ” Germany, forever.

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