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Moon Sister

In honor of Fannie Rose Houck

My “sister” Fannie never knew a stranger. She treated all alike, with open compassion and her time. One unbelievable day she trusted the wrong person, who repaid her by shooting her in the back of the head, dumping her body, and stealing her belongings.
Beyond our personal trauma, the tragedy is that this man was released from prison — after serving 23 years for murdering a young mother when he was 15 years old — to execute my sister six months later. Her body was found off County Road 711 and 41 Florida.

This incident reverberates through our family. It is causing us great pain and anguish and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.

She would have given him everything. She was warm, funny, loud, colorful and a giver. She gave everything. My grief is so deep because she followed me down to Florida to live with me. We’d lived together in Olivebrigge, New York.

I have tons of wonderful memories, and she came to me within a week after her murder. She let me know she was well. We laughed together. This was a great relief.

I will not speak his name because he is less than nothing and a nobody.

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