September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  Read and share stories to honor survivors whose loved ones died by gun suicide.

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In memory of Veronika Weiss

I met Veronika shortly before I turned 15 years old. The day we met, she gave me a nickname that stuck with me throughout high school (which was her intent). From there, we became fast friends. She was the first friend I made in high school, so she invited me into her group of friends, even though they were all a year older than I was. She was so warm and welcoming. I will never forget the friend I had in her.

Veronika was hilarious, fun loving, spontaneous and brilliant. She taught me so much about how to live life through her carefree attitude. Some of the best memories I have come from the days I hung out with her and our other friends.

Veronika was killed in Isla Vista in on May 23, 2014, two days before I turned 19. I will never forget waking up to the news that she was dead. I have never been the same since. Her life and untimely death are the reason why I am the way I am today. Now, I fight for justice, positive change and political reform through both words and art. I do this for her because she should not have died in this way. She deserved so much more. She should still be alive today.

I miss and love Veronika so much.

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