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Mother, Cynthia A. Smith

In memory of Bobby BJ Smith

My son, Bobby BJ Smith, was at a college sponsored party in Tuskegee, Alabama. In fact, I recently was told who sponsored the party…

Three local boys started shooting like it was the wild, wild, west. There were approximately 300 kids, mostly college kids! However, “All Lives Matter To Me.”

Yes, they were convicted ?

Now “all are walking the streets” of Alabama again.

A bullet ricocheted off an industrial-size dumpster and hit him in the back of his ❤️

I fought for four Years for a trial and got it. Worst experience of my life.

What if it was your child?

The case was dropped to manslaughter, unbelievable ?

They were going to walk free without being convicted as murderers.

Although, they are ?

There is a God.

Saw the movie Mercy? Well, different narrative, but seeing my kids lowered in the ground was a nightmare.

However, that trial nearly murdered me??. What we witnessed was something out of the Twilight Zone ?

Truth is better than fiction. You can’t make that stuff up.

BJ attended Tuskegee University and was a senior, financial Major. He Resided in Auburn, Alabama in his senior year.

Senseless ?and all three were African Americans.

BJ had a son he saw for the first time and the last time. Killed 18 days.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.