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Mrs. Candace (Jordan) Sims

Conceptual Empowerment, LLC

Marcus Damone Reid is what I named him on March 23, 1985. He was murdered on April 8, 2007. My life changed from that moment.

At first I was shocked, confused, angry, depressed and stuck. I lost my home, several jobs and personal relationships. Yes, the first few years were rough. I felt like I had little to no purpose, especially as a mother, because he was my only child. He was a whiz at chess (the game of life) and received a 500 Hope Scholarship. He was a dad, jokester, hip-hop dancer — and handsome.

Today, his death resonates for me in such a way that my life is dedicated to Advocacy for Bereaved Parents. In the last 10 years I have learned how to navigate the stages of grief, got certified to be a Victim Advocate, volunteered with many agencies helping parents cope with grief. I host a biweekly, free, online grief support group.

Murder is never a solution to end a quarrel or settle a score. The idea of murder needs to be erased from the minds of those in our society. Because of Marcus, peace is my life’s mission.

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