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My Poppy

In honor of Adrian Dennard Gainer Jr

Adrian Dennard Gainer Jr. is my baby of four. His spirit was the light of any room or situation from the day that he was born. He stopped breathing at birth, and I remember begging God to spare his life. Two weeks later, he began to radiate his spirit to anyone around him. I nicknamed him My Poppy because he was a fat, beautiful baby.

Adrian loved life. He was beautiful, funny and loved his family. February 24, 2019, I was restless all evening. I wasn’t sure why, but I had a feeling of deep worry and anxiety. I prayed to God to cover my babies all night. February 25, 2019 is when my forever nightmare began. I will never forget that phone call. My baby was gunned down in the middle of a playground. My family will forever be broken. My baby will forever be 16. Our lives are forever longing for our Adrian, and now I’ll forever scream for justice for all babies lost to Gun Violence!

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.