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My son Michael Ray Smith

In memory of Michael Ray Smith

My oldest son, Michael Ray Smith, was shot and killed by his 17-year-old son, my grandson. He was shot multiple times. I never in my life expected to get news like that. It has affected all our lives — his father, his sister and his three brothers. He left behind five sons, two daughters and a stepdaughter. He also left 11 grandchildren and three more born after his death. Also left the mother of his youngest children alone.

I cannot think of anything anymore; he is always on my mind. He was 47 when he was murdered. He had a birthday last month, turned 48. We just had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without him. He had a good heart — would give you his last dollar and help anyone with anything. He was a hard worker in the cold, in the rain or snow to provide for his family. He loved to hunt and fish. He loved his family. We love and miss him so much. Our life is not the same without him and never will be.

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