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My soul mate Scott Breitinger

In memory of Scott Breitinger

My name is Selene. My husband was murdered on April 3, 2016. Scott was going for a ride on his motorcycle like he did every Sunday. Scott was in a bad part of town, picking up his friend. He was in the alley, and a man jumped out from a metal trash can and shot Scott right in the gut. A woman tried helping, but was too late when the ambulance showed up. This man didn’t take anything — not his wallet, helmet. This was just a horrible murder. Scott was always home at 4. When 4 came around, he wasn’t home. Later I started calling him, the police… everywhere, no answers. That night we saw Scott’s bike and boots on the news. I knew. Then my heart stopped. Cops still wouldn’t give me an answer till the next day. The next day Scott and I were supposed to meet with our surrogate to get started on a baby. That was both of our dreams. The man that killed Scott destroyed my life and heart and his family and friends’. He was everyone’s best friend and helped anyone who needed it. I want the man caught so no one else has to go through this.

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