total hearts received for Moments That Survive

Nancy Lee

My parents and their friend/employee were murdered by gun when I was in college. My life was turned upside down. My sister was a teenager at the time and turned to drugs and alcohol to cope. I suffered PTSD symptoms since it happened in our home. I didn’t witness it, thank God.

I also lost my 16 year-old cousin to a gun suicide. He was my parents’ godchild and like a brother to me.

When I gave birth to my children, I cried … not with joy, but with the sadness that my parents would never meet their grandchildren. They would’ve loved their grandson and granddaughter. They were kind, fun-loving, generous and prosperous. My dad was a well-known musician who was awarded nationally for his big band music. He left behind devastated musicians in his band, grieving fans and many nieces and nephews who loved my mom and him.

It’s been many years, and it seems like yesterday some days and 40 years ago on others.

My cousin was a handsome teen with six older siblings. He played football, farmed with them and was beloved by all.

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