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In honor of ELIAJAH Q. L. SAMUEL Eliajah's Gift

It was Saturday, December 5, 2020, when I lost my son, Eliajah, to gun violence. I’d seen Eliajah the prior Thursday night. He came over as he would do everyday to bring his kids or just to say hi, but this time it was later and he was with one of his younger brothers. He hugged me and was smiling as he did so often. He stated he wanted to sit and eat with me; we did and he asked me for some snacks to take with him to eat later. I can still see his face as he turned around with a giant smile on his face as he tells me to look at what I’m driving. He said, “I’ll see you later ma!” He went to a party that Friday. He took his friend home early Saturday morning, and as he sat in the parking lot, the young lady’s ex-boyfriend shot and killed my son. I miss Eliajah everyday! I wish he was here to see his kids grow up. To keep his memory alive I’ve started “Eliajah’s Gift,” a non-profit that helps with Gun Violence Awareness, Grief Support & Holiday Assistance for Families.

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