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Well, where I live, gun violence is an everyday thing. Lots of violence in general. But we were a tight community. Everyone knew everyone. It’s the South, what can you expect?

It was the Thursday before spring day, and school had just let out. Me and my friends crossed this big street to get to our cars, and we came from the back. Laughing and playing, me and my friends suddenly heard loud pops. And they were LOUD. We’ve heard guns before, so we knew. We started bolting.

I only knew the severity of the situation when I turned and saw a girl get shot in the neck and fall to the ground. I ran even faster, ducking and grabbing my friends. We ran across the street while teachers tried rounding up students to get inside.

I knew my dad was across the street by now. I ran and told my friends to run to a good friend’s house who lived across the street. I told my dad to hit it, and without question he sped off. I learned someone in the middle school across from our school had stolen his dad’s gun and had planned to shoot some kids that were bullying him and jumping him.

The girl who got shot in the neck survived, thanks to our awesome staff and teachers who kept her alive. Guns were an everyday thing, and I heard them outside my home all the time. They didn’t bother me and still don’t. What bothers me is that I’m used to it and no one will do anything to prevent something like that happening again. My future scares me.

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